Colorado duo DEVOTION has been sharing their 'World-Positive Music' with tens of thousands of people across North America and Europe since 1995.

International Peacemaker Lori Sandstrom and #1 hit songwriter Robert Anderson are 3-time winners at the U.S. national songwriters 'Positive Music' awards . . . and they have presented their empowering music with many brilliant speakers and influential leaders; including Dr. Michael Beckwith, Mary Manin Morrissey, Alan Cohen, Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsh.

DEVOTION's inspiring concerts, landmark recordings, keynote talks, transformational workshops, humanitarian efforts and youth events reflect their commitment to positive change . . . and their transcendent voices and powerful messages of peace & compassion speak to the heart, spirit and imagination of people around the world!


2Suite was born when Suzanne met Tom (or the other way around) and they discovered that making music together was very natural. 2Suite has since been writing with a passion, and their first single is slated to be released December 13 worldwide on iTunes. 2Suite are regulars at the Centre For Conscious Living in Winnipeg where they can be found performing Celebration music on selected Sundays. Check the 2Suite website for upcoming performances. Suzanne has been playing classical piano and performing solo for many years and also plays guitar. Tom has been a professional audio engineer for almost 30 years and starting playing drums and bass guitar a little over 3 years ago. "Suzanne is amazing," says Tom. "I email her some lyrics, and the next day she has the most wonderful music written for them. She truly inspires me and I love her deeply. She helps me to be a better person."


God Rocks - A Steph and Tammy Double Whammy Production, based out of Elie Mb.  This duo a-cappella singing wonder has been making music together since 2007.
The Journey will mark an epic step in their path to musical greatness, as they unveil their original works.  We look forward to sharing our best kept secret with conference participants.



Kristine Stone  has had a passion for singing that has been with her all of her life. As a child musical instruments were always on her Christmas list however, playing the guitar was secondary.

Kris didn’t get serious about playing guitar until about the age of fifteen and even then it was self taught. Rather than singing acapella everywhere she went, Kris decided to learn how to play the guitar for some musical accompaniment.

Her first love is singing and song writing. The first song she recalls ever writing was at a young age long before she knew how to play the guitar.

Her music has now shifted to singing about her spiritual journey which began years before she started writing about it.


Sonya Miller has been singing since the doctor first tapped her bottom. She was a published poet at age 14, at age 18 she co-wrote  2 cds with Jazz sensation James Petrie. Sonya started playing guitar and writing her own songs about 15 years ago, she has played solo and in many different ensembles in many different genres... whether Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, Reggae or whatever flavor, all her songs have a positive message and/or a happy ending! 


Rev. Tink Robinson is a 50-year entertainment veteran with extensive credits in national television, radio, theatre, revue, nightclubs, conventions, dealers shows and vaudeville. He has done more than 200 CBC television shows, and for five seasons, he choreographed and performed for Wayne & Shuster TV Specials. For 13 summer seasons, Tink and his wife, Judy Armstrong, created their acclaimed theatrical shows in the Wild Horse Theater at Heritage Fort Steele, BC, where Tink wrote, directed, produced, choreographed and performed for close to half a million tourists. Tink and Judy have created a popular recording, KIDS (for all ages), and Tink has two books in progress, I Am Here and It Hurts So Much It's Funny. An active keynote speaker, Tink is a national member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers). He is also an ordained minister with the IACT (affiliated with the Life Enrichment Centre, Edmonton). Tink has a rare talent of bringing forth the kid in everyone. He will demonstrate that finding your happy you is not rocket science. He will walk you through to your funny side where being in the Now is your moment of laughter, discovery and loving who you are.


Rev. Judy Armstrong brings her intuitive message of Oneness with her joyful presence, zany sense of humor and beautiful singing voice. Judy is a speaker, singer/songwriter, coach and ordained minister with the International Alliance of the Churches of the Truth (affiliated with the Life Enrichment Centre, Edmonton). With her unique concert style and using her professional career expertise in theatre, music, comedy and television, Judy intuitively combines laughter, singing and inspiration to open your heart and reawaken the remembrance of your inner knowing. Judy's work with sound, healing, global peace and harmonizing the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of the whole person has led her to compose, produce and perform six unique CDs: Let Your Heart Sing, Inside of Me, Flying Free, Time to Shine, Kids (for all ages) which she wrote and recorded with her husband, Tink Robinson, and Sing all the Way Home, Volume 1 (a 45-song songbook and MP3 combined). The words and music of Judy’s songs are an inspiration to all people who are seeking the doorway to their own expression. Judy's deepest wish is that her work will inspire you to rediscover and express the unique being that you are. 


 Rev. Cam J. Hamoline serves as the co-Pastor (with Rev. Pat) of The Centre for Conscious Living, an independent New Thought Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Licensed and ordained by the International Association of Churches of Truth, Rev Cam has served as a minister at the Centre for Conscious Living for four years.

Rev. Cam lives in Winnipeg and serves his spiritual community as Pastor and through writing, speaking, teaching and conducting workshops. His emphasis and passion is upon developing methods to make abstract spiritual principles useful and practical in daily life. The great minds that have gone before have done the work of understanding and explaining immutable spiritual law at work in our Universe. Our task is now to apply this knowledge. Current leaders in the New Thought movement are evolving methods that make abstract principles more understandable and useful. Cam’s ministry is devoted to this effort.


Dr. Gail Muzio founded the "Victoria Centre for Self Awareness" 25 years ago so that people could be uplifted and empowered in their everyday lives. She is considered one of the foremost cutting-edge leaders in New Thought. Gail's ability to blend psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics into a rich and practical learning experience has made her a popular, sought-after speaker.

Gail is a dynamic, motivating, humorous speaker and workshop leader, moving people in their heart and feet (into action). She calls forth people's dreams in all areas: true prosperity, loving relationships, health, vitality, and longevity. Gail continuously reminds people of their magnificent intrinsic potential.

She has participated in International New Thought annual Expos along with other New Thought leaders from all over the world; she is an ambassador at large for New Thought. Gail has studied both in Canada and the United States; her degree is in Metaphysical Philosophy. Her late husband (of 31 years) Norman died in 2004. Last year she married Dr. Jon Muzio.


Jennifer Rose Tennant  is a Church of Truth Ministerial student, to be ordained at this conference.  Jennifer is also al Church of Truth Practitioner, licensed in 2008, member of the Board of Trustees of The Positive Living Centre of Victoria since 2006 and completing her final year as Vice-president. Jennifer's passion is teaching the New thought principles she loves and she especially cherishes the "Ah-ha" moments when her students transcend into an awareness of Divine Truth. She has been an  avid and grateful student of Reverend Kim Fairrell's since 2004.


In her checkered past, Rev. Pat Zogar has been a nurse, teacher, realtor, property manager, mother, actor, and wedding planner.  But from the first time she attended a New Thought church she knew she was called to be a minister.  Her studies included courses through Ernest Holmes College and "distant" education on tape with Dr. Jaclyn Darby, as well as "doing everything" in her church for 20 years or so.  She was ordained along with Rev. Kim Fairrell, by Dr. Jaclyn Darby and Herman Aaftink in 2002.  She was happily sharing her minsitry with Rev. Kim in Victoria until she came to the 2008 New Thought Conference in Winnipeg and fell in love with the Centre and the city.  Now she is co-pastor of the Centre for Conscious Living.  Rev. Pat is an exceptional public speaker an has written two books. 


Born with an inquisitive mind, Rev. Toni Hegge's path has been down many less traveled roads. From his service in the US Navy to his career in the construction industry, studying with teachers of many traditions he has come to his own special perspective of deep spiritual truth in a practical, down to earth path to application. He now serves as the pastor of the Westside Centre for Spiritual Living in Calgary, Alberta Canada. A gifted teacher and speaker he speaks and teaches through out North America. As teacher of awareness, the practice of being aware, he brings this perspective to teaching and speaking about the power of operating in your business and your life from the awareness that anything is possible. In 2010, after years of personal struggle and study he made public his /her journey and began the journey to living full time as woman.

The author of eight books on spiritual psychology, many articles on living from the awareness of being rather than doing, and with an internet broadcast on spiritual living in the works, he seeks to help all of humanity in creating a future not already in the cards. His/her soon to be released book is entitled "Changing Realities" explores how we change the reality we are living into and how that change can change the world.


Above all else, Andrea Schroeder is a creative being and believer in possibilty.  Andrea takes this sense of possibility, blends it with sparkles and secret messages about the magic and wonder of life, and uses it in all of her creative work, infusing it with flashes of inspiration and reminders of  what an incredible being you are. 

After graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in fashion design, Andrea explored many different avenues of art and design including costume design, textile design, textile art, knitting, cloth dollmaking and interior design.

Andrea has also spent years studying new thought and other spiritual and philosophical teachings and is currently an accredited new thought healing practitioner at the Centre for Conscious Living in Winnipeg, Canada.  Andrea describes this as  ”a believer in possibility, a creator of dreams come true and a mentor for others in creating their happily ever afters.”

Andrea blends spiritual and artistic creativity in all of her creative work, which is filled with maps that will guide you on your path in creating your own “happily ever after”.

Andrea’s creative work includes art, creativity workshops, guided meditations and creative coaching.


Rev.  Ann Coburn is an ordained minister with the International Alliance of the Churches of Truth.    Rev. Ann has been married for over 30 years to her husband Dave and is the proud mother of 5 adult children and three beautiful grandchildren.   Rev. Ann life experiences have led her to an understanding that God stands under all things and has been the rock upon which she has built her spiritual life.  Ann believes there are many paths to the one being (God) and every individual has the right to find that path that fulfils their own unique destiny.     As a non denominational minister who believes in seeking the commonalities of all beliefs, she encourages everyone to follow their path to the ONE Presence and ONE Power that is active in everyone's life.


Rev. Kim Fairrell began her spiritual journey in 1979 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when she became aware that her "life experience" had become painful and meaningless.  Her search for meaning brought her to numerous New Thought and metaphyical authors who shone light on her deep inner questions.

Kim moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1981 where she connected with a New Thought ministry called The Centre for Positive Living, Church of Religious Science International.  This opened a whole new door in her life and she began five years of formal ministerial training with Dr. Arlene Bump.

In 1988, Kim;s ream to teach New Thought principles became a reality when she moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and became the founding minister of The Centre for Positive Living.  With her focus and guidance this centre grew into a thriving ministry.

The gypsy in Kim's soul brought her to Victoria, BC in 1999.  In 2002 she became the pastor of The Victoria Truth Centre and spent four years in a rich and varied spiritual experience.

In March, 2006, Kim joined The Positive Living Centre of Victoria where she co-pastored with Rev. Pat Zogar until Pat moved to Winnipeg in October 2008.


Rev. Lorraine Trout is an ordained minister with International Centers for Spiritual Living. She has been the Spiritual Leader of the Centre for Spiritual Living Saskatoon for 12 years.

Very much a "people person", Rev Lorraine is dedicated to the Science of Mind philosophy and LOVES to share the journey with others on the spiritual path. From her background of humanistic studies, she shares her experience of personal growth, healing and transformation with a passionate heart, an enthusiastic spirit, and a sense of humor… (often overheard saying If it ain't fun I ain't doin' It!)

Her personal motto is "In Joy/Enjoy" and she truly practices what she teaches!